Acquanetta in Jungle Woman 1944

Jungle Woman 1944

Jungle Woman 1944 sees Acquanetta return to her gorilla girl role in this sequel to 1943’s Captive Wild Woman!

George Zucco in the a scene from The Mad Ghoul 1943

The Mad Ghoul 1943

The Mad Ghoul 1943 follows a scientist who uses a Mayan gas to revive the dead and commits murders in pursuit of his love interest.

Scene from Strange Confession 1945

Strange Confession 1945

Strange Confession 1945 is about a scientist who develops a lethal experimental drug and tries to undo the damage it causes.

Scene from The Frozen Ghost 1945

The Frozen Ghost 1945

The Frozen Ghost 1945 is about a famous hypnotist who becomes embroiled in a murder case at a wax museum, where he must clear his name and solve the mystery of the “frozen ghost”.

Acquanetta goes through some changes in this scene from Captive Wild Woman 1943

Captive Wild Woman 1943

Captive Wild Woman 1943 follow the story of a mad scientist who transforms a circus performer into a gorilla woman for his own purposes.