The Brute Man 1946 with Rondo Hatton

The Brute Man 1946

The Brute Man 1946 stars Rondo Hatton as The Creeper, a former college football star deformed by a laboratory accident, who seeks revenge on those he believes wronged him.

Publicity still for Th Black Cat 1941

The Black Cat 1941

The Black Cat 1941 revolves around a young couple who become trapped in the eerie mansion of a twisted architect and his mysterious assistant, where they confront supernatural horrors and the architect’s hidden agenda.

Acquanetta in Jungle Woman 1944

Jungle Woman 1944

Jungle Woman 1944 sees Acquanetta return to her gorilla girl role in this sequel to 1943’s Captive Wild Woman!

Scene from House of Horrors 1946

House of Horrors 1946

House of Horrors 1946 follows an unsuccessful sculptor who befriends a deranged, but talented, artist and becomes implicated in a series of murders, leading to a suspenseful and chilling climax.

Scene from She Wolf of London 1946

She Wolf of London 1946

She Wolf of London 1946 is about an heiress who fears she’s a werewolf and her fiancĂ© and the police become convinced after a series of murders.

Scene from Phantom of the Opera 1943

Phantom of the Opera 1943

Phantom of the Opera 1943 is about a disfigured composer’s obsession with an opera singer, leading him to haunt the Paris Opera House to advance her career.

George Zucco in the a scene from The Mad Ghoul 1943

The Mad Ghoul 1943

The Mad Ghoul 1943 follows a scientist who uses a Mayan gas to revive the dead and commits murders in pursuit of his love interest.