Night Monster 1942

A scene from Night Monster 1942
A scene from Night Monster 1942

Night Monster 1942 follows the story of a group of people stalked by an unseen monster at a remote mansion.

Title: Night Monster
Release date: 20 October 1942
Director: Ford Beebe

Cast: Ralph Morgan, Irene Hervey, Don Porter, Fay Helm, Nils Asther, Leif Erickson, Doris Lloyd, Robert Homans, Lionel Atwill, Frank Reicher, Francis Pierlot, Bela Lugosi, Cyril Delavanti, Janet Shaw

Studio: Universal Pictures
Country: United States

Night Monster 1942 Review

Night Monster is a 1942 horror film directed by Ford Beebe and starring Bela Lugosi, Lionel Atwill, and Ralph Morgan. The film follows a group of people staying at a country estate who become terrorized by a mysterious killer known as the “night monster.”

Lugosi delivers a solid performance as a butler with a mysterious past, adding a sense of unease and suspicion to the film’s story. Atwill and Morgan also deliver strong performances as the wealthy hosts of the estate, adding a sense of tension and danger to the film’s narrative.

The film’s use of suspense and mystery, combined with its atmospheric lighting and effective use of sound, create a sense of terror and dread, with the added benefit of featuring several impressive cinematography techniques.

One interesting fact is that Night Monster was one of the first films to feature a “mad doctor” character, a trope that would go on to become a common theme in horror cinema.

Overall, Night Monster is a well-crafted and entertaining horror film that successfully combines elements of suspense and mystery. Its impressive performances and atmospheric tone make it a must-see for fans of classic horror movies.

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