Son of Frankenstein 1939

Son of Frankenstein 1939

Son of Frankenstein 1939 sees the son of Dr Frankenstein returns to his father’s castle and become embroiled in the family’s dark legacy.

Lon Chaney Jr in a scene from Man Made Monster 1941

Man Made Monster 1941

Man Made Monster 1941 follows a sideshow performer who is transformed into an electrically-charged superhuman by a mad scientist, leading to a dangerous and deadly conflict with the scientist’s former assistant.

A scene from Night Monster 1942

Night Monster 1942

Night Monster 1942 follows the story of a group of people stalked by an unseen monster at a remote mansion.

A publicity still for Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man 1943

Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man 1943

Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man 1943 sees the classic monsters Frankenstein’s monster and the Wolf Man battling each other and ultimately teaming up in a quest to find a way to end their cursed existence.

A scene from House of Frankenstein 1944

House of Frankenstein 1944

House of Frankenstein 1944 follows a mad scientist who revives Count Dracula, the Wolf Man, and Frankenstein’s monster, leading to chaos and destruction.

John Carradine in a scene from House of Dracula 1945

House of Dracula 1945

House of Dracula 1945 sees Count Dracula seeking a cure for his vampirism at the castle of Dr. Edelman, leading to dangerous encounters with other monstrous creations.