A scene from Horror Island 1941

Horror Island 1941

Horror Island 1941 follows a group of people terrorised by strange and deadly events on a remote island.

Lon Chaney Jr in a scene from Man Made Monster 1941

Man Made Monster 1941

Man Made Monster 1941 follows a sideshow performer who is transformed into an electrically-charged superhuman by a mad scientist, leading to a dangerous and deadly conflict with the scientist’s former assistant.

Scene from The Wolf Man 1941

The Wolf Man 1941

The Wolf Man 1941 depicts a man’s struggle after being cursed to become a werewolf.

Scene from The Climax 1944 with Boris Karloff and Susanna Foster

The Climax 1944

The Climax 1944 tells the story of a talented opera singer who becomes the object of obsession for a jealous doctor, leading to a series of mysterious deaths and a dramatic final performance.