A publicity still from The Mole People 1956

The Mole People 1956

The Mole People 1956 follows a group of archaeologists who discover an underground civilization of mutated humans and monstrous creatures.

Scene from House of Horrors 1946

House of Horrors 1946

House of Horrors 1946 follows an unsuccessful sculptor who befriends a deranged, but talented, artist and becomes implicated in a series of murders, leading to a suspenseful and chilling climax.

Scene from The Strange Door 1951

The Strange Door 1951

The Strange Door 1951 is about a scheming nobleman who forces a young man to marry a madwoman in order to gain control of his estate.

A scene from The Invisible Man Returns 1939

The Invisible Man Returns 1939

The Invisible Man Returns 1939 follows the story of a man is falsely accused of murder and uses the invisibility serum to escape from prison and clear his name, leading to a thrilling and dangerous chase to catch the real killer.