The Mummy’s Hand 1940

A publicity still from The Mummy's Hand 1940
A publicity still from The Mummy's Hand 1940

The Mummy’s Hand 1940 follows archaeologists who awaken a cursed mummy and face its vengeance as they search for a lost city in Egypt.

Release date: 20 September 1940
Director: Christy Cabanne

Cast: Dick Foran, Peggy Moran, Wallace Ford, Eduardo Ciannelli, George Zucco, Cecil Kellaway, Charles Trowbridge, Tom Tyler, Sig Arno, Eddie Foster, Harry Stubbs, Michael Mark, Mara Tartar, Leon Belasco, Murdock MacQuarrie, Jerry Frank, Ken Terrell

Studio: Universal Pictures
Country: United States

The Mummy’s Hand 1940 Review

The Mummy’s Hand is a 1940 horror film directed by Christy Cabanne and stars Dick Foran, Peggy Moran, Wallace Ford, and Tom Tyler.

The film follows an archaeologist who enlists the help of a young couple to find the tomb of an ancient Egyptian princess, but their search is complicated when they encounter a mummy that is reanimated by an evil high priest.

The film is notable for introducing the character of the mummy Kharis, who would go on to appear in several sequels.

Tom Tyler’s portrayal of the mummy is both menacing and sympathetic, adding depth to the character beyond a simple monster.

Despite its low budget, The Mummy’s Hand boasts impressive sets and makeup effects, creating an eerie and atmospheric tone throughout the film.

The performances by the cast are also strong, particularly Dick Foran as the heroic archaeologist and Wallace Ford as his bumbling sidekick.

Overall, The Mummy’s Hand is a classic horror film that delivers thrills and scares while also establishing a memorable and enduring character in the horror genre.

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