Acquanetta in Jungle Woman 1944

Jungle Woman 1944

Jungle Woman 1944 sees Acquanetta return to her gorilla girl role in this sequel to 1943’s Captive Wild Woman!

Lon Chaney Jr in a scene from Man Made Monster 1941

Man Made Monster 1941

Man Made Monster 1941 follows a sideshow performer who is transformed into an electrically-charged superhuman by a mad scientist, leading to a dangerous and deadly conflict with the scientist’s former assistant.

Son of Dracula 1943 scene

Son of Dracula 1943

Son of Dracula 1943 sees Count Alucard, the mysterious and reclusive heir to the Dracula estate, as he arrives in America and begins to seduce and prey upon his unsuspecting victims.

Scene from The Raven 1935

The Raven 1935

The Raven 1935 is about a retired surgeon who becomes fixated on Edgar Allan Poe’s poem and uses torture and murder to seek revenge.