Acquanetta in Jungle Woman 1944

Jungle Woman 1944

Jungle Woman 1944 sees Acquanetta return to her gorilla girl role in this sequel to 1943’s Captive Wild Woman!

A publicity still for Calling Dr Death 1943

Calling Dr Death 1943

Calling Dr Death 1943 follows a neurosurgeon’s search for his wife’s killer while confronting his own guilt and sanity.

Scene from Dead Man's Eyes 1944

Dead Man’s Eyes 1944

Dead Man’s Eyes 1944 follows an artist who receives an eye transplant from a deceased painter and begins to see visions of the artist’s final moments and suspects foul play in his death.

Scene from The Mummy's Ghost 1944

The Mummy’s Ghost 1944

The Mummy’s Ghost 1944 follows an Egyptian high priestess’s attempt to reunite with her lover, the mummy Kharis, leading to a string of murders and a quest to stop the curse.

Scene from Weird Woman 1944

Weird Woman 1944

Weird Woman 1944 is about a professor’s marriage to a mysterious woman that leads to accusations of witchcraft and strange happenings.