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Inner Sanctum: We Rank All 6 Films

The Inner Sanctum series features six quintessential 1940s mystery and horror films from Universal Pictures. Let’s explore and rank these captivating Lon Chaney Jr-led classics.

A publicity still for Calling Dr Death 1943

Calling Dr Death 1943

Calling Dr Death 1943 follows a neurosurgeon’s search for his wife’s killer while confronting his own guilt and sanity.

Scene from Dead Man's Eyes 1944

Dead Man’s Eyes 1944

Dead Man’s Eyes 1944 follows an artist who receives an eye transplant from a deceased painter and begins to see visions of the artist’s final moments and suspects foul play in his death.

Scene from Weird Woman 1944

Weird Woman 1944

Weird Woman 1944 is about a professor’s marriage to a mysterious woman that leads to accusations of witchcraft and strange happenings.

Scene from Pillow of Death 1945

Pillow of Death 1945

Pillow of Death 1945 follows a lawyer’s investigation into a murder case with connections to the supernatural.

Scene from Strange Confession 1945

Strange Confession 1945

Strange Confession 1945 is about a scientist who develops a lethal experimental drug and tries to undo the damage it causes.

Scene from The Frozen Ghost 1945

The Frozen Ghost 1945

The Frozen Ghost 1945 is about a famous hypnotist who becomes embroiled in a murder case at a wax museum, where he must clear his name and solve the mystery of the “frozen ghost”.