The Last Performance 1929

Scene from The Last Performance 1929
Scene from The Last Performance 1929

The Last Performance 1929 is about an aging magician’s infatuation with a young dancer and the risks he takes to further her career.

Release date: October 1929
Director: Paul Feljos

Cast: Conrad Veidt, Mary Philbin, Leslie Fenton, Fred MacKaye, Eddie Boland,
Anders Randolf, Sam De Grasse, Gusztav Parto, William H. Turner, George Irving

Studio: Universal Pictures
Country: United States

The Last Performance 1929 Review

The Last Performance is a 1929 silent drama film directed by Paul Fejos and starring Conrad Veidt, Mary Philbin, and Leslie Fenton. The film follows an aging stage actor, Erik the Great (Veidt), who becomes jealous of a younger actor’s success and resorts to drastic measures to maintain his position in the theater world.

Veidt delivers a powerful and nuanced performance as Erik, showcasing his talent for portraying complex and emotionally driven characters. Philbin also shines in her role as the young actress who becomes embroiled in Erik’s obsession. The film’s use of shadow and light creates a moody and atmospheric tone that perfectly captures the film’s dark and tragic themes.

The Last Performance was one of the last silent films released by Universal Pictures before the transition to sound films. The film’s innovative use of intertitles and visual storytelling was ahead of its time and set a new standard for the silent film era.

Overall, The Last Performance is a haunting and tragic film that explores the dark side of the theater world. Veidt’s powerful performance and the film’s innovative use of visual storytelling make it a standout of the silent film era and a must-see for fans of classic cinema.

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