A scene from The Invisible Man Returns 1939

The Invisible Man Returns 1939

The Invisible Man Returns 1939 follows the story of a man is falsely accused of murder and uses the invisibility serum to escape from prison and clear his name, leading to a thrilling and dangerous chase to catch the real killer.

A scene from The Invisible Woman 1940

The Invisible Woman 1940

The Invisible Woman 1940 follows a young woman who is turned invisible by a scientist and uses her newfound power to help fight crime and foil a group of spies, leading to a series of hilarious and exciting adventures.

Scene from Invisible Agent 1942

Invisible Agent 1942

Invisible Agent 1942 depicts the grandson of the original Invisible Man aiding the Allied forces in World War II.

Scene from The Invisible Man 1933

The Invisible Man 1933

The Invisible Man 1933 follows a scientist who becomes invisible and goes insane, posing a threat to those around him.