Scene from The Mystery of Edwin Drood 1935

The Mystery of Edwin Drood 1935

The Mystery of Edwin Drood 1935 tells the story of the mysterious disappearance of a young man and the subsequent investigation, which leads to a web of secrets and intrigue in a small English town.

A scene from The Black Cat 1934

The Black Cat 1934

The Black Cat 1934 is about an American couple trapped in a Satanic architect’s mansion, featuring Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff and a black cat obsession.

Dracula 1931 Publicity Still

Dracula 1931

Dracula 1931 is about Count Dracula preying on young women in England, and the group of vampire hunters trying to stop him.

Boris Karloff in a scene from The Mummy 1932

The Mummy 1932

The Mummy 1932 tells the story of an ancient Egyptian priest, Imhotep, who is resurrected and seeks to reunite with his lost love, leading to a series of terrifying and deadly events in modern-day Egypt.